The Wright Attitude

Providing you with products from milk and eggs to fresh fruit juice is one thing, but we believe there is more to what we offer than just the product.

We pride ourselves on giving a service unlike any other.  From the first meeting with us, to placing an order, to the delivery, to the after care service - you can be assured that we will look to provide a service that exceeds your expectations.

It's what we refer to as the 'Wright Attitude'.  We take being in business and providing you with products seriously.  So much so, that we work with the local commuinty and national organisations too, ensuring we are at the forefront of service delivery and are recognised for it, for your peace of mind.

As a result we are honoured to be awarded with a BRC accreditation and we proudly purchase and promote the sourcing of local products.

This 'Wright Attitude' extends further as we work to reduce our carbon footprint and have less impact on the local environment.  The following are just some examples of how we do this:


  • State of the art refrigeration equipment
  • New and regularly service vehicles
  • Maximise our routes with milage and optimisation
  • Use of handheld computers to reduce paper usage
  • Storing products in one large fridge rather than multiple smaller fridges
  • Efficient lighting systems with movement sensors
  • Efficient stock ordering to reduce potential waste
  • Recycling cardboard
  • Reducing plastic packaging